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At Micel Flooring, the foundation of our business has been built upon three main values: passion, design, and craftsmanship. 

Our passion is birthed from combining our love of creating and carpentry. We don't show up to work everyday to simply finish as many jobs as possible and make profits. What drives our team and company forward is knowing that everyday we are creating something that will have a lasting impact on your home and family. Everything we create we consider to be our artwork that we are sharing with you. 

For us, design is more than the visual impact our work has. It's about how we approach our product development, organization, and clients. We believe there is no detail too small when it comes to your home and how we work with you. Throughout our many years of customer service experience we've developed a thoughtfulness that allows us to anticipate needs and have the discipline to always be at our best. 

Finally, why we work or how we work wouldn't matter without a commitment to craftsmanship. Everything we produce has been made to the highest quality standards possible. We are not interested in creating a product that is any less than the best we could have done. Our goal is to deliver the most value possible when you choose to invest in your home with us.

- Eugene


Eugene C.


I run the company's daily and long-term operations. I am the main contact with clients and suppliers.

Jessa H.


I manage employee files and recruitment. I help with business development, website management, and marketing.

Mihail C.


I manage site work and our installers. I spend my time on site as well as in our woodworking shop creating our products.

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