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A new trend is making itself known in the flooring industry - and it seems you'll either love it, or hate it. The strong divide on a trend is nothing new. New ideas that push boundaries are often rejected no matter the field. But for us, we were beyond excited to take on this project.

The appeal for hex tile is an easy one to unwrap. The shape of the tile allows for creative patterns with the only limit being your imagination. It takes a practical need of protecting the hardwood in front of high traffic weather affected areas and turns it into a centrepiece. The transition from outside to inside is transformed into the client's own creative expression and yearning for more than practical flooring.

The pattern and practicality are not the only benefits to this style. The tile choices are immense, allowing you to choose between size, colour, and texture. This variety of options allows you to choose the best option for utility and matching with the hardwood you're tying into.

We had a great time learning how to install this new style, and we're very please with the results. We look forward to installing more variations of this trend in future projects and we're happy to see new and exciting changes in our industry.

To see a full gallery of the project and our experience installing it take a look here.

Hex Tile Finished

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